Saturday, May 22, 2004

Meditation as the key to self awareness

The purpose of meditation is to "Know Thyself". Meditation allows you to develop an inner peace and serenity - to become free of frustration and anxiety and to find clearer direction for your life. Meditation can, and does, change your life because it changes you. Your 20 minute daily meditation will be like an "energy recharge". In the inner stillness of your own being you will realize the direction for your life, gain understanding of yourself and learn the meaning of Love. (compiled from Betty's book, "Way To Awareness, A Meditation Technique")


keri said...

How can we hope to find the meaning of life within ourselves when we did not create ourselves or our purpose? We all have a purpose; that is true... and the inventor knows the purpose for his inventions better than any other. God knows... ask him, not yourself!

non-prophet said...

This is a reply to the comment by Keri - God created us and gave us purpose. And we cannot know that purpose unless we know ourselves. Prayer and good deeds are not always enough for everyone, and Betty has helped many discover that meditation is a powerful tool which will assist us in connecting with God . Affirmations can help us make sweeping changes in our lives. And paying attention to the images we receive at night in our dreams can help us gleem some sense from the things that go on in our lives. None of this is possible without God. These things do not replace God. They are simply instruments, given to us by God, to help us better connect with Him. Blessings and best wishes!