Friday, September 23, 2016

Time for "Going Within"

Happy Birthday, Betty.
Today the energy in my life began to change.
This is not a bad thing.
It happens with some frequency.
At least twice a year.
But this morning when I awoke,
I knew something was different.
I felt it.

Betty taught us:
Have you ever wanted time enough to sit and delve into your life, your needs, your ambitions, your place here on earth?

Well, how does six months sound to you?

Starting September 23rd, all mammals (and who knows what else) go into slow down mode. It's a yearly hiatus when, for six months, we go within, explore, decide what we would like our lives to be. Called the "Going Within" period, we do exactly that. We go within and let the answers come.

But beware, energy drops during this six months. That's why bears hibernate. They go to sleep, and we meditate. Meditation will keep your energy stable. If you find yourself extra drowsy, add 5 minutes to your meditation time.
Enjoy these winter months. The discoveries you make during this time will serve you in the growing season (March 23-Sept 23).


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